Superdrol 10

Superdrol 10
  • Name
  • Superdrol 10
  • API
  • Methasterone
  • Dosage10mg/tab
  • Packing100 tabs

Methasterone is one of the most potent orally active anabolic androgenic steroids. It comprises of an active steroidal hormone known as methyldrostanolone. It is dihydrotestosterone(DHT) that is an alteration of drostanolone. The difference between drostanolone and Superdrol is that drostanolone has an extra methyl group placed at the seventeenth Carbon position. This group is what makes it possible for Superdrol to be taken orally and also able to bypass your liver. It also helps lose weight, doesn't cause water retention, build muscles, increases energy and immunity and adds on strength.